The New Year typically brings countless new things to many: new friends, new places, and/or new homes. One change is always inevitable year after year (and oftentimes, season after season) and that is the changing of trends, whether it is fashion, social movements/behaviors, etc. In this particular case, we’ve gathered 4 trending home décor ideas that designers believe will be in store for you in 2013.

1. Bright Wall Paint Colors


Brace yourselves; bright colors and saturated hues are coming to your walls this buy cheap kamagra jelly year. So, if your walls could talk, they’d probably be screaming of joy.

2. Black Decor


Black never goes out of style. That’s why black always comes back year after year. However, in 2013, consider going all out with this classic color. It definitely adds a sense of dark opulence to any room—sexy, sophisticated, and in some ways, calming.

3. Gold/Brass Finishes 


This year, the saying, “out with the old, in with the new” definitely doesn’t apply because “Old” Hollywood is making a comeback. Old Hollywood could never have become such a distinctive era of style and design without the glitz and glamour of gold. That is why this year is going to be filled with gold and brass finishes. Consider adding some of these golden touches to your home and instantly transform it into a castle…or a classic Hollywood Mansion!

4. Patterns & Prints

It seems that 2013 really isn’t the year to be a wallflower. Time to get bold, not just with vibrant walls but with prints as well! Suzani/tribal prints as well as animal patterns are forecasted to be the hot picks for fabric, wallpaper, bedding, furniture, décor, and more!

Be the trendsetter amongst your friends and start redecorating your Bay Area home with these decorating tips today! And, if you find that simply switching out that sofa and adding new throw pillows here and there isn’t sufficient enough of a transformation for you this year, consider taking on a renovation. Once you do decide break down some walls or make that switch from wood to stone, All Natural Stone’s got you covered with all of your Bay Area fine tile and stone slab needs. Visit us at our locations in San Jose, Burlingame, and Pleasanton!

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