Every season, the fate of our next garment purchase—from the shirts on our backs to our skivvies down under—lies in the ingenuity of the world’s top fashion designers. Each pattern, shape, fabric, and especially color, are carefully considered and intricately applied to almost every item in our lives, including home decor and design elements, not just the clothes hanging in our closets.

The tile business is a fashion business, so we took the liberty of making sure that you’re up to snuff with the latest and greatest trends. We hand-selected a variety of designer tiles from our own showroom that were inspired by the top 4 colors ripping the runways of this fall’s fashion collections, according to online fashion magazine, Refinery29.

1. Venetian Red

Venetian Red

Bring the sultry, passionate Venetian Red of these high fashion gowns by Vivienne Tam into your space. With its romantic crimson hues and flirty pattern, the New Ravenna Ruby tile on the right is one of the many options you can use to add drama (the good kind!) to your next project.

2. Eggplant


The rich, velvety color of eggplant creates a sense of warmth and calm, the intensity of which can be adjusted by going lighter or darker on the color’s scale. This Pratt & Larson tile-set perfectly buy kamagra polos picks up and complements the violets in fashion designer, Carolina Herrera’s, creations.

3. Deep Teal

Deep Teal

The depth of teal makes this color the go-to shade for evening ensembles, as displayed by these stunning Sachin and Babi (left) and Viviennte Tam (center) pieces. The blues and greens, reminiscent of cool ocean waves, create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for a peaceful haven after a hectic day. See our selection of teal tiles, beginning with the ever-unique Dunis Studios (right).

4. Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow

Primrose Yellow is one of the boldest colors yet this season. Its bright, fun, and vivacious personality can make any room pop, an ideal accent color for décor and even tile! The Crossville Glass Box tiles (right) seamlessly matches the undeniable neon of both the Vivienne Tam (left) and Betsey Johnson (center) ensembles.

Let your space inspire and be inspired

Fashion both inspires and is inspired by everything around. Let this season’s striking colors make their debut in your next renovation and visit our showrooms in San Jose, Burlingame, and Pleasanton to see some of the tiles mentioned in this post and many more! Let us know in the comments which of these colors you feel is most reflective of your personal style!


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