Here at All Natural Stone, we see summer as a three-month-long party that goes out with a bang and an explosion of confetti—leaf confetti that is. Autumn brings picturesque sceneries of tree-lined streets covered in a breath-taking gradient of yellows, oranges, and reds. Though driving through this wonderland never gets old, the imminence of winter and the cold monochromatic blanket it drapes the world in makes us long for the vibrant colors of spring.

Let’s face it, you will never be able to control the seasons—outside—but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in your own home! Let the leaves fall on your front yard while you watch the buds blossom in your living room with these floral tiles!

1. Artistic Tile

Artistic Tile Floral Tiles

It is no surprise that such exquisite floral patterns could come from Artistic Tile. The elegance and intricacy of their designs result in timeless pieces with a twist that can make any space feel romantic, classic, and/or fun and unique. It all depends on your taste.

Chrysanthemum (left) is made of Calacatta Gold marble with mother of pearl inserts and is perfect for bathrooms, feature walls, and even retail stores! Fleur Blanc (right) is a mosaic pattern made through water jet treatment and can be cut from an array of colors, materials, and finishes, including stone, glass and porcelain. This specific tile is ideal for spas, foyers, and master baths.

2. New RavennaNew Ravenna Edie 2 and Tamsin Floral Mosaic Tiles

New Ravenna has a way of mixing quirk and work in their tiles. The beautiful mosaics shown above have been prepared and constructed with precision and high quality material. Edie 2 (left) is composed of Nero, buy kamagra singapore Bardiglio, Thassos and Carara marble—all of which have been cut and carefully placed to form a fun yet elegant design. Tamsin (right) is made up of a wider variety of tiles, which are laid in a more tedious and complex manner than Edie 2. Its traditional design can be ideally displayed on walls, in foyers, bathrooms, exterior spaces, and more.

3. Pratt & LarsonPratt & Larson Hand-Painted Ceramic Tile

Pratt & Larson pride themselves on high quality hand-painted ceramic tiles. Their designs vary greatly between collections but all boast the same artistic effort, impeccable style, and unfound uniqueness. Use Bas Relief (top) and Morning Glory (bottom) in your kitchen backsplash or fireplace as accent tiles to create a garden-like feel.

4.  Ken Mason Tile and Jeffrey Court

Hand-Painted Dry Ken Mason and Jeffrey Court Terra Cotta Tile

Ken Mason Tile (left) and Jeffrey Court (right) are also hand-made and hand-painted tile artisans. The vibrant colors and rustic finishes of these terra cotta or dry tiles can make any kitchen, fireplace, bathroom, or even outdoor area, earthy and shabby chic!

Walk out of the cold autumn wind and into fresh the spring air by creating your very own flowery meadow with these floral tile designs. This way, you’ll never have to leave your favorite season behind (if spring is your favorite, that is!)

Wake up and smell the roses and come by one of our showrooms in San Jose, Burlingame, and, now, in Pleasanton to see our wide selection of other floral tiles.

Which of these tiles get your two “green” thumbs up? Let us know in the comment box below!


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