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Though granite is most commonly known as one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops, there is much more to this natural stone that the average person might know. Check out these four facts that might make you think a little bit more about your breakfast counter as you sip your coffee or eat your bowl of cereal tomorrow morning.

1. They’re a Major Part of the World’s Ancient History

Granite Pyramid Stonehenge

Granite has existed since molten lava was forced into the Earth’s crust—that’s pretty much as far back as the beginning of time! That’s why it comes as no surprise that earth’s earliest civilizations utilized this material to build major monuments, such as the Great Pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge in England. The structures’ existence today is a testament to granite’s incredible durability.

2. It’s Radioactive…kind of

Caution Radioactive

We bet you didn’t know that the very surface you set your food on, on a daily basis is actually radioactive. Granite is a complex material that contains radioactive elements, such as uranium, thorium, and potassium. But, don’t worry; The Marble Institute of America assures you that the level of radioactivity in countertops are too low to pose any threat to your health.

3. Granite is International

Granite Origin Countries

You may have heard that granite comes from all over the world, but just order kamagra from india where exactly? Some of the top spots for granite mining are found in Brazil, Norway, India, Spain, and the United States. If you’ve been to these destinations in the past, you might’ve stumbled upon raw granite without even knowing it!

4. Rock Climbing = Granite Climbing

Rock Climbing Granite Wall

Rock climbing is a sport that requires full body effort and endurance, and the popularity of it has sprung countless rock climbing gyms worldwide. Because granite is one of the most resilient materials in existence, it comes as no surprise that rock-climbing walls are made from it. So, next time you find yourself rock-climbing at Planet Granite in San Jose or San Francisco, you have this stone to thank!

As you can see, granite has more going on below the surface than just a plain ol’ kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity in your Bay Area home. It’s an exotic natural stone, sourced from all parts of the globe and has been a major part of ancient history. Check out our very own collection of granite slabs in our San Jose and Burlingame slab showrooms, where our knowledgeable sales staff can teach you more and answer any questions you may have about this precious stone.


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