It may not be the new iPhone 5, which “coincidentally” arrived a couple of days ago (hmm…), but the arrival of these 4 exotic stone slabs may take some edge away from the long-anticipated little gadget (in our showrooms at least!).

Here is a peek at the brand spankin’ addition to our impressive slab warehouse:

1. Azul Macauba

Azul Macauba Italian Granite Slab

This breath taking Italian granite comes flawlessly polished and boasts calming hues of sky blue with peeking hints of gold.2. Calacatta Michaelangelo

Calacatta Michaelangelo Italian White Calacatta Marble

A popular choice for white marbles, the Calacatta Michaelangelo remains versatile and timeless, and serves well as a countertop, floor tiles, and wall applications.

3. River Gold

River Gold Granite

The mixture of yellow, dark gold veining, and cream buy kamagra lovegra background, provide vibrant bursts of color while remaining sophisticated. Give your bathroom a royal make over with a new opulent vanity, fit for a king.

4. Oriental Dream 

Oriental Dream Indian Granite

Your dreams of the orient have finally come true with this exotic granite slab. Pink, peach, and green conspire to create a stone perfect for your shower, wall cladding, floors, and kitchen countertops!

If you’ve been waiting for the right stone slab to come along and upgrade your kitchen or add personality to your bathroom, the wait is over. Join us in welcoming these newcomers by paying them a visit at one of our nearby slab warehouses in San Jose and Burlingame.

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