It’s that time of the year again when the weather gets warmer; the flowers start to bloom, and people gear up to do a deep, intensive cleaning of their home. Spring is finally upon us and All Natural Stone has got a new batch of slabs delivered just in time for the new season!

1. Surf Green

Surf Green Granite San Jose Burlingame

Surf Green is a type of Granite native to India and is primarily green mixed with hints of gray and beige. This natural stone features unique splashes of dark speckles and quartz deposits. The muted colors on this slab make it a versatile choice for a traditional or contemporary style kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, and fireplace.

2. Siena Beige


Another exotic granite is Siena Beige, which hails from the quarries of Brazil. The neutral beige color of the stone is interrupted with veins of gold and rust. It can be used for both residential and commercial interiors, on backsplashes, fireplaces, tub surrounds and showers, floors, kitchen counter tops, and bathroom vanities.

3. African Tobacco

African Tobacco Granite San Jose Burlingame

Despite its name, African Tobacco actually originates from Brazil. This dark granite belongs to the red color group, with its predominant reddish brown appearance, though buy viagra kamagra uk dark specks and veins can also be found throughout its surface. Ideal uses for African Tobacco, include stairs, fireplaces, countertops, commercial interiors, and walls applications.

4. Namibia Sky

Namibia Sky Marble San Jose Burlingame

This marble slab has been properly named, as its natural design is directly reminiscent of its namesake—the exquisite skies of the African country Namibia.  The stone consists of a white background with elegant sweeps of light sky blue and grey, the combination of which creates a calming, yet stunning look, ideal for rooms that have a soft, beach vibe or muted, minimalistic décor. Possible installation for Namibia Sky includes floor and wall cladding in interior and exterior spaces, kitchen countertops, shower base, stairs, and even tabletops.


Our newest delivery batch of slabs feature this season’s trending colors, including grayed jade (Surf Green), linen (Sienna Beige), poppy red (African Tobacco), and dusk blue (Namibia Sky). For more information on other trending colors this season, click here. Kick off your spring at our slab warehouses in San Jose and Burlingame to see our selection of exotic stones. Who knows? Your spring-cleaning might inspire you to go beyond the clutter and into a renovation instead!

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