You’ve seen it many times—in pop culture or even in your own imagination—the portrayal of a woman’s (or man’s) fantasies is often incomplete without a hunky, Italian man with long, wind-swept hair breezing through double doors, enveloped by a bright celestial glow. Though the thought is enticing, to say the least, another kind of Italian is turning heads and making the women of All Natural Stone swoon. What’s better than an Italian gentleman carrying you over the threshold? The exotic Italian Marble from which that same threshold is made of.

We’ve consulted with our very own, eligible bachelor—and esteemed designer—Dan Bartel, who rounded up the sexiest Italian marble slabs worthy of only the most decadent bachelor pads.

1. Bronze Amani 

Bronze Amani Italian Marble

No one can resist the exoticness of the Bronze Amani. Its light mix of brown, bronze, and grey tones distinguishes it from many of the more typical colors marble is found in. The cream “lightning bolt” looking veins appear 3D against the gradient-like background. This slab would effortlessly fit in a modernly designed space.

2. White Carrara and Calacatta Oro

White Carrara and Calacatta Oro Italian White Marble

One of Italian quarries’ pride comes from their exquisite white marbles. The clean, sleek appearance of both Calacatta Oro (top) and White Carrara (bottom) make either option a no-brainer for a classic buy cheap kamagra online uk space from minimalistic to opulent.

3. Nero Seta Velvet

Nero Seta Velvet Italian Marble

Unlike traditional marble, which tends to be shiny and polished, Nero Seta Velvet is smooth and velvety (hence the name) with subtle hints of natural stone textures. Its grey tones make it an ideal choice for a modern fireplace hearth.

4. Silver Wave Marble

Silver Wave Italian Marble

Silver Wave marble is one of the more intricate and enigmatically patterned stones. With its masculine color scheme of black, grey, and white, it can make a bathroom pop with elegance and sophistication. The natural, layered appearance of its pattern commands its own attention, as it creates the sensation of being able to take a peek into the earth’s core.

Whether you are a man of simpler taste or one of lavish requirements, all of these selected tiles possess the right amount of sex appeal to make the ultimate bachelor pad. Designing and decorating may not be most men’s favorite hobby or undying passion, but when it comes to your next remodel, allow these tiles to inspire your dream man cave.

Tell us in the comment box below which tile spoke to your inner Adonis.

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