As children, we’ve dreamt and begged of our parents to build us the most magnificent tree house in our backyard. We longed for a haven of our own full of laughter, comic books, secrets, and friends, overlooking what felt like the whole world. Some of us were fortunate enough to have this kind of luxury, but most of us were not. Whatever the case may have been, there now exist tree houses that are way beyond our wildest childhood imaginations and are even better enjoyed as adults!

As it turns out, some of us grew up to actually construct their arboreal dreams into life! The following are four unique tree house ideas turned reality:

1. Not for the Birds

Sweden's TreeHotel Bird's Nest

Swedish architect Bertil Harström of Inredningsgruppen has gone cuckoo! He designed one of TreeHotels, unique “rooms.” This one, appropriately named Bird’s Nest, portrays exactly what its name describes. Inside, however, is a completely unexpected modern space that utilizes the “nest’s” shape and enables the guests to peer into the outside world, with small windows concealed by the exterior branches.

2. Of Trees and Men

Catawampus by Patrick Dougherty Tree Structure

Artist and builder Patrick Dougherty, took the traditional form and construction of tree houses and molded his own definition of it. Using materials and inspiration directly from trees and general surroundings, Dougherty sculpts various types of buildings, including churches, gazebos, resting places, etc. deep within the woods. So, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a bizarre buy kamagra brisbane structure like this one in Pescadero, CA, called Catawampus, on your next hiking trek!

3. Among the Trees

Casey Key Guest House

The owners of the Casey Key Guest House got exactly what they asked for when they commissioned Sweet Sparkman Architects to create a “house in the trees.” Made of curved glulam pine beams and set on a concrete slab, this modern marvel surpasses the traditional meaning of a tree house, one that requires it to be perched up on a tree.

4. Mirror, Mirror

Swedish TreeHotel MIrror Cube

The Swedes seem to have a knack for naming their designs in the most literal ways. Called the Mirror Cube, there’s not much surprise to it other than the fact that it’s also completely habitable! Another one of TreeHotel’s rooms, Tham + Videgard Hansson Arkitekter designed it to be camouflaged by nature, reflecting the woods on all four sides. This is one mirror Snow White certainly would not be able to run away from!

It’s almost shameful to look back on our simple childhood expectations of how tree houses should be now that we’ve been blown away by the endless possibilities exemplified by these incredible architectural creations. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that tree houses can still be enjoyed into adulthood, especially for those of us who are still kids at heart.

Tell us in our comment box below which one of these wooden marvels is your  favorite!


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