It seems just like yesterday when we were marking our calendars for June 21st, the start of the liveliest season of the year. Now, that summer’s winding down, you might already start to feel the withdrawals. But don’t fret; it’s not quite over just yet! And, in your home, it doesn’t have to. Check out the following 2013 summer trends that are hot both right now and even when the days start to cool back down!

1. Emerald Green and Blue

emerald green and blue decor summer trend all natural stone san jose

Emerald green was forecasted as this year’s top color and it’s proven itself this season. And, what better color to pair with this vibrant hue than the color blue? The combination of the two blends to make a flawless representation of the seas surrounding a tropical island. And who wouldn’t want their home to resemble such a place? But, of course it’s not necessary to equally represent both colors in the same space.

For example, if you feel like you’ve been playing it safe for too long, try going big or going home and make painting one of your rooms’ accent wall emerald green and add touches of black and gold around the area. If you’re not quite feeling as bold, paint your walls a cream or white and incorporate emerald green and blue accessories in your décor, such as, cushions, lampshades, and floor coverings. etc. The contrast between the white walls and lively colors makes for a fun, contemporary space.

2. Natural Materials

natural materials decor twine wooden accessories all natural stone burlingame

Using natural materials in spaces, creates a rustic, airy vibe, perfect for transforming any space into a five-star resort, perhaps a bungalow on the water in Tahiti? Consider switching your iron coffee table with a rustic wooden one. Twig or stick accessories you can place on a coffee or side table and/or in a large vase in the corner of your room will do the trick. Maybe you’re feeling ready to make a long-term commitment, why not tear up the carpet and install hardwood floors? Or, better yet, go with an alternative: wooden-like porcelain tile! Check out our selection of them, such the Casa Dolce Casa line, at our nearby San Jose tile showroom.

3. Stripes

striped room summer trend all natural stone pleasanton

Stripes are hot, hot, hot—just like summer! The classic pattern has been appearing in many fashion items, if you haven’t already noticed. Why not incorporate that’s on the clothing racks or in your closet into your home’s décor? If you’re feeling bold, consider striping your wall. Horizontal lines will add depth to any space, especially those on the smaller side. Is your ceiling height a little lower than you’d prefer? Vertical lines can give the illusion of taller ceilings. Creating a wider and taller space provides a sense of spaciousness and airiness, two ingredients that create a cool, summer vibe.

4. Layer with Monochrome Textures

black and white tiles near san jose, ca

While black and white accessories are always a good go-to solution when trying to achieve a classic, contemporary, and chic look, they can also be dressed up to create a softer atmosphere. Use black and white accessories throughout the room, especially items in these colors that come in a variety of textures, such as lampshades, throw pillows, rugs, etc. Adding some shades of cream in the mix, especially on linen based pieces, such as the room’s main furnishings, enhances the softness in the space’s overall aesthetics.

Don’t bury your summer blues in the sand just yet; though September 21st looms over us, the season doesn’t need to slip away like sand through your fingers! Take a chance and try to apply any or all of these trends to your Bay Area home, whether it is in a grand or minor scale. Which of these would you add to your home?

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