The complex designs of medallions are a product of patience, hard labor, and very sharp attention to detail by its makers. Every single piece is specifically cut, shaped, and precisely placed to perfection. They are commonly known to be made with marble but have evolved to include other types of stones and materials. Putting a medallion in your home—whether it is on the floor or the wall—will add uniqueness and a customized touch to the space, making it feel more grand and opulent. To give you an idea of just how intricate each masterpiece is, check out the following four medallions:

1. New Ravenna Nautilus Scroll Medallion

Nautilus Scroll New Ravenna Tile Medallion

New Ravenna’s Nautilus Scroll Medallion features two-tones: white and grey. The majority of the oval-shaped medallion is made of White Carrara Marble, while the romantic, curvy design was made from Kay’s Green and Nero Marquina marble.

2. New Ravenna Olive Branch Stone Mosaic Medallion
Olive Branch Tile Medallion New Ravenna

Green, gray, red, and cream—this medallion boasts impeccable work on its colors, including shadowing and blending effects on the leaves, using multiple stones. The leaves and branches are comprised of Travertine Noce, Emperador Dark Marble, and New Ravenna’s Salmon Moss color, while the border and olives are in a fiery Rosa Verona Marble. This particular medallion would be an ideal eye catching masterpiece in your home’s kitchen.

3. New Ravenna Thornes Medallion

New Ravenna Thornes Tile Medallion

The Thornes Medallion is an incredible example of how intricate a medallion’s design can be. Flawlessly symmetrical, the complex interconnected lines of Thornes is masterfully crafted with Emperador Dark for the brown border, buy kamagra 100mg oral online Verde Alpi (a green serpentinite commonly referred to as a granite) for the dark emerald green tiles, Spring Green Marble, and the Saint Richard stone to complete the cream background.

4. Landmark Metalcoat Chateau Grape Medallion

Chateau Grape Tile Medallion Landmark Metalcoat

Not all medallions are purely made of stone. With design and artistic trends continuously evolving, new materials are introduced. This Landmark Metalcoat medallion features very detailed copper ornaments, depicting grapes and vines. An aged quality is applied to this piece, which utilizes worn-looking stones, such as Botticino Florito Marble and Travertine Noce. If you’re one of the lucky few who own a cellar—or even a winery—you might consider incorporating this medallion to your wall.

5. Landmark Metalcoat Studded Fleur Medallion

Landmark Metalcoat Studded Fleur Tile Medallion

Modern designs are now starting to appear in medallions, which are typically seen and styled traditionally. The Studded Fleur features iron and rust ornaments, such as the Fleur de Elegance (center), Fleur Diamond (surrounding ornaments), and a studded liner. The medallion’s background is comprised of a variety of thinly cut natural stone tiles in modern colors such as dusk blue, army green, browns, and more.


Originally produced to merit those of valor, medallions have come a long way in history to becoming a staple in the design world. If you haven’t already, consider rewarding yourself with a medallion either on the floor or walls of your home. And, if you do, come see us at one of our locations in San Jose, Burlingame, or Pleasanton, and we’ll connect you with the best custom medallions our vendors have to offer!

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