Black and orange are in the air—everywhere—and why shouldn’t they be with Hollow’s Eve upon us and the San Francisco Giants once again bringing home the World Series title this year!!!! We would like to join in celebration and express our excitement by showing off some of our own black and orange tiles!

1. Pratt & Larson 

Pratt Larson Rooster Tile PanelNothing says wake up than the telltale call of a rooster as the sun rises. Perhaps this Pratt and Larson panel may not audibly make you stir from your slumber but it definitely screams black and orange! With its impressive watercolor glazing, this rooster will fit right in as a decorative piece on your kitchen backsplash.

2. Raffi Glass

Raffi Glass Tile
The glitz and glamour of these Raffi Glass tiles echo the blinding win by the Giants! This concept board features different shades of white, black, orange, and copper. Everything you need to put a little pop in your home.

3. Sonite
Sonite Tile from Karei Sries and Silk Collection

Sonite tiles have impeccable quality, design, and array of colors. Though I never associated the color black with a white dolphin-like whale, the “Beluga” Bamboo patterned tile (left) from the Karei series sports a smooth wavy mix of blacks, greys and whites. The seasonally appropriate “Harvest Pumpkin” grid-patterned tile from the Silk Collection, boasts hues derived straight from its name, making this product a no-brainer for an October remodel—hands down.

3. Dunis buy kamagra soft Studio
Dunis Studio Handcrafted Fused Glass Tile
This handcrafted fused glass tile from Dunis Studio does not hold back in the least. The vibrant, iridescent orange and black striped design is just as loud as the roaring Giants fans. A tile of this kind is the perfect choice for a unique individual, unafraid to step outside of the box, and looking to brighten up their bathroom or set their fireplace ablaze sans flames.

4. Unique Building Concepts (UBC) 
Unique Building Concepts (UBC)

A change of pace from the previous bolder tiles can be seen in the Imagination Collection from Unique Building Concepts (UBC). Though the orange is calmer and varied in shades, each tile is unique indeed. The earthiness of this line is achieved through the combination of various stones from travertine and marble, to metal coated and glass tiles.

Black and orange have never been so in demand as that the spirit of Halloween and that of the San Francisco Giants fans are radiating from all corners of the Bay Area. Commemorate this celebratory moment in history by opting for this color scheme in your current remodel. Stop by one of our showrooms in San Jose, Burlingame, and Pleasanton in the midst of your trick or treating or after you’ve lost your voice at the Giants parade to see our extensive selection of tile, marble, granite, and many other stone slabs. Allow us to take the ‘scary’ out of your project and put it in your Halloween instead!


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