Trends in design are continuously moving towards a contemporary direction as we head into the future. Many homeowners are investing in the renovation of their homes, starting with the areas needing the most improvement, one of them being the bathroom. Most outdated bathrooms feature moldy, worn out tiles in faded pastel colors that people are now replacing with neutral materials, for a modern, spa-like feel.

However, we advise you not to throw the towel in on pastels just yet. Though these softer shades are now easily being classified as tacky and obsolete, we believe that these colors stood the test of time for a reason. So, we took to the Internet to find proof that pastels are indeed timeless hues that can easily transition from one era to the next. Check out the following 21st century bathrooms doing pastel right.

1. Minty Fresh


Soft and airy, this mint-colored, shabby chic bathroom features a classic claw foot tub in dusk blue—a light pastel shade that’s actually trending this season! Homey, farmhouse style décor, including a teak chair, floral print throw pillow and antique birdhouse, both define and complete the personality of this space.

2. Zen in Stripes

Pastel stripe bathroom with wooden tub pleasanton

Spa-inspired bathrooms tend to resort to a neutral palette, incorporating details, such as natural stones and wood. The designer of this bathroom opted for a wooden tub to add that sought after Zen feel without compromising the liveliness of the rest of the bathroom. Instead of toning down the rest of the décor, the designer picked up the tub’s buy kamagra reviews natural wooden stripes in the colorful striped towels and shower curtain.

3. Lovely Lilac

Pastel Purple Bathroom Pleasanton

Spring is definitely in the air in this pastel purple bathroom, complete with lilac wooden paneling, tub surround, and mirror frame. The white walls and floors provide the look of cleanliness, calmness and spaciousness.

4. Pattern Play

Pastel zigzag tile pattern bathroom Pleasanton

This bathroom is loud and proud with bold patterns all around. The tub and shower combination is decked out with a multicolored pastel zigzag, while the bench and ceiling are matching in dusk blue. Plaid patterns and mirrors in varying sizes hanging on the wall add even more quirk to this fun space.

5. Color Frenzy

Multicolor pastel bathroom Pleasanton

Not many are so brave as to use a vibrant color on their bathroom floor but who ever lives in this home are definitely an exception. The lime green floor and tub surround bring life to this space and adds onto the contemporary style added by the clean, straight lines on the steps, wall tile, mirror, and cabinetry. Other bursts of color are found on the wall tiles, which are strategically dispersed for visual interest.

Though Easter just passed, its thematic pastel colors carry on throughout the rest of the year, if used and placed properly. The bathrooms you just saw are inspiring examples to abide by, if you decide to go the less saturated route when designing your next project. In case you’ve taken to any of these colors, we’ve got the tile for that! Visit our tile showrooms in San Jose, Burlingame, and Pleasanton today.


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