Plain designs, solid colors, and floral patterns seem to be most people’s perception of tile. Action-packed conversations about tile rarely ever occur since the subject itself isn’t necessarily considered a hot button topic.  However, emerging tile designs have been breaking the mold and shaking things up in our showrooms. The following are 6 unique tile lines that will surely inspire you to think outside the box:

1. Artistic Tile

artistic marble with glass tiles

Artistic Tile, our flagship brand, is known for their timeless and carefully crafted designs. The Seismic (left) is a marble tile that features a ragged texture, making this otherwise simple marble tile into a modern masterpiece. Fiore (right) adds a whimsical twist to the traditional floral pattern commonly found in other tiles, using glass tiles to create the petals, making them pop against the stone base.

2. New Ravenna

new ravenna mosaic tiles with water jet cut designs

New Ravenna’s sophistication is clearly exuded through their elaborate tile graphics, as exemplified in the design of the Tamara marble (left). The flowers on Meadow (center) and the birds on Flight (right) underwent “Water Jet Cutting,”, a type of process that cuts intricate shapes out of stones. Hand-chipped mosaic tiles that have been laid down in a seemingly carefree order surround the marble flowers and birds, giving the whole tile a fun, hand crafted look.

3. Casa Dolce Casa and Pan American Ceramics

casa dolce casa porcelain "wooden floors"

Pan American Ceramics and Casa Dolce Casa are two of the multiple brands buy kamagra online next day delivery that now produce porcelain tiles that look like natural wooden floors. This optical illusion has become a popular alternative because of its durability and versatility. Texture is added onto the porcelain after the color has been either screen or ink jet printed, giving the stone its cleverly deceptive façade.

4. Dunis Studios

Dunis hand-glazed art brick tiles

Dunis Studios is a master of hand-glazed brick tiles, intricately and skillfully mixing different materials that result in their rich, eclectic collection. The various textures, colors, and patterns give each tile its own personality and are guaranteed to make any space unique and vibrant.

5. Motawi Tileworks

Motawi Architectural Tiles

Motawi Tileworks’s signature flare is their keen eye for shapes and architecture. Each of their designs is complex and can easily transition from modern to midcentury and could even find its place in a traditional setting.

6. Mixed-Up Mosaics

Mixed-Up Mosaics Mirror and Glass tiles

Mixed-Up Mosaics is one of the edgiest brands of tile, pushing the boundaries of traditional designs. Their collections consist of mirror pieces mixed with stained glass and bold patterns that speak volumes and are sure to make a statement in both commercial and residential spaces.

Looking to add some interest to your house?

If you are looking to add a splash of whimsy to your remodel or just want a complete change of pace, make sure to check out these unique tile collections for yourself at one of our showrooms in San Jose, Burlingame, and Pleasanton!



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