The melodious sounds of laughter, clattering plates, clinking glasses, and excited murmurs echoed off the tile-cladded walls (and floors) as All Natural Stones Burlingame Showroom buzzed with ASID Peninsula Chapter members last Thursday. It was a big night indeed as this esteemed organization gave us the prestigious honor of being an official sponsor! *Cue the Applause*

Sumptuous hors d’oeuvres paired with a delectable selection of fine beverages, provided by local caterers at Toast Catering, started off the evening without a hitch. The night continued onto the main event featuring speakers Denise Carey and Beryn Hammil. Carey discussed the changes of ASID’s Design Competition requirements while Hammil educated—and wowed—the crowd with her presentation on the pros, as well as the, ins and outs of mobile technology especially for design use. I can’t speak for everyone but I know even I learned a thing or two!

See how the night unfolded in the pictures below:

ASID Peninsula Chapter Board Meeting

ASID Peninsula Chapter Officers assemble for a quick meeting before the main event. From the looks of it, they mean business!

Denise and Jane at the Registration Table

Denise and Jane show off their pearly whites at the registration table while they wait for more guests.

Showroom before ASID event

The showroom was spick and span, all ready to go for the crowd’s rush. The comfy white chairs were decked with All Natural Stone goodie bags filled with just that—a wide array of goodies!

Hors D'oeuvres provided by Toast Catering

These delectable delights were a ‘hot topic’ among the crowd’s chatter. Also on the menu were crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, and pasta.

Guests gathered around the food

The first round of visitors take generous helpings of the night’s edible selection.

Toast Catering bartender serves up drinks

At the drink station, our friendly bartender served up some wine and bubbly—he definitely buy cheap kamagra online kept everyone’s “spirits” up!

Ladies of the ASID Chapter Board

The ladies of the board stop mid-munch to strike a pose for the camera.

Juan and Larry at ASID Event

And, so do our ever-so-handsome bosses, Juan and Larry!

Larry speaks about All Natural Stone

All Natural Stone’s owner, Larry Perez, was asked to say a few words about the company. We were inducted as an official ASID sponsor shortly afterward.

Denise Carey presents on ASID Design Competition

Denise Carey kicks off the night with her presentation on ASID’s Design Competition requirement changes.

Beryn Hammil on Mobile Technology The showroom roared with “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” as award-winning designer and blogger, Beryn Hammil, highlighted the efficiency and advantages of using mobile technology within the design world. Some of the audience members might still be scratching their head at how Ms. Hammil was controlling her presentation using her iPhone.

Juan, Larry, and raffle winner Ratna Khilnani of Antarya Design

The night concluded with a raffle drawing for $300 off any slab purchase, which was won by Ratna Khilnani of Antarya Designs. Congratulations!

All in all, the night was a huge success. Everyone seemed to have had a lot of fun learning a few new tricks and filling up on edible treats. If you missed out on the fun last Thursday, don’t fret! We have another event coming up in just two weeks.

On Thursday, November 14th, inSite Design Architects will be at our Burlingame Showroom to talk about the “8 Essentials to Designing the Ideal Bathroom!” So, come join us for round 2 of food, drinks, raffle prizes, and design tips. RSVP HERE!

In the meantime, browse through the rest of the night’s photographs by clicking here. And, if you find yourself in San Jose or Pleasanton, come on in and see our wide selection of tile and stone slabs, including marble, granite, and may more!


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