Artistic Tile Product Knowledge Collage San Jose
Last week was quite a busy one for us here at All Natural Stone as we hosted back-to-back evening product knowledge presentations for Artistic Tile. The esteemed brand’s vendor representative, Ernesto Diaz, traveled from southern California to educate designers on their new and existing products. Both nights yielded great success, with good company, amazing food, and, of course, a highly informative and, rather, entertaining presentation. Though the event was for designers only, we’ll give you the scoop on some of the knowledge imparted to the audience during those two nights.

If you didn’t already know, New Jersey based Artistic Tile is All Natural Stone’s flagship brand, and is one of the top names in the tile industry. The company boasts green-manufacturing practices; using 100% recycled rainwater and solar power to generate energy at their facilities. Artistic Tile is also known to be one of the pioneers in tile technology, leading the way to new trends in tile design, custom colors/blends and overall production. Some of these techniques can be seen in the following tile lines:

Jardin and Estrella

Artistic Tile Jardin Estrella Tiles Burlingame
Artistic Tile collaborated with fellow renowned tile manufacturer Pratt and Larson to produce the garden-themed masterpiece, Jardin, (left). Estrella (right) was awarded Best of Year Winner by Interior Design magazine. What both tiles have in common, other than their floral-theme, is that they were designed to eliminate the grid lines between the tile pieces, using interlocking patterns. This technology aims to differentiate themselves from the other tile brands, while also creating the sense of true custom mosaic. Ernie demonstrated this by challenging the crowd to find the grid lines, who were unsuccessful in doing so.

Charleston Mirror Glass

Artistic Tile Charleston Mirror Glass San Jose

The Charleston Mirror Glass is one of the more unique tile lines that Artistic Tile offers. It provides a classy, glamorous touch to any bathroom with its antiqued silver backing. However, it is not advisable to place it near water as it can rust or change color.

Opera Glass

Artistic Tile Opera Glass Tile Burlingame
Apart from typical glass tiles in the market today, Artistic Tile’s Opera Glass tiles do not fade to white. Instead, the manufacturers go though a process of spraying ceramic color in the back of the glass, which they then bake on. However, this specific product is not ideally used in swimming pools.

Terra Cotta Tiles

Artistic Tile Terracotta Tile Burlingame
Though Artistic Tile’s signature pieces involve mostly glass, they are also known for their handcrafted terracotta tiles, designed with a deco feel and an aged patina. Artistic Tile also applies water jet technology when cutting tiles to achieve a clean and seamless product.

The crowd was in awe of Ernie’s presentation, which was far more extensive than was discussed in this post. He engaged the audience and kept them on their toes, answering the many inquiries they had of the products. All in all, the product presentation for Artistic Tile in San Jose and Burlingame was a definite hit and further raised widespread interest for their products, as well as our showrooms. For more information on other Artistic Tile product lines, please visit our showrooms in Pleasanton, Burlingame, and San Jose! And, for more pictures from the nights’ events, check out our Facebook page (don’t hesitate to like it too while you’re at it) or click here.


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