Most people venture across the globe to beautiful little Italy to relax, explore, and enjoy the scenery. However, our very own the Larry and Jeff, the brains behind the operation of this fine establishment, had a very different agenda. The duo was all business, trekking through the country, carefully handpicking the best stone to add to our already extensive collection. They visited around seven different slab yards and were overwhelmed by the sheer mass of the stone blocks, variety of the materials, and the sizes of the showrooms.

Below are a few pictures from their travel to help illustrate the adventure that is stone shopping!

Transporting Stone Slab

This massive stone slab is ready for lift off. It takes some serious muscle (aka machinery), heavy duty harness, and careful precision to transport this baby around!

Antolini showroom

This photo does the magnificence of the breathtaking Antolini showroom no justice. To say that first timer, Jeff, was dumbfounded by this sight is a complete understatement. Apparently, one of Antolini’s buy kamagra oral jelly many showrooms is a whopping 55,000 square feet and is being further extended by ~12,000 square feet more! The Italians sure know how to do it big!


Larry with Italian Marble and in Antolini Showroom

Maybe it wasn’t all business ALL the time, but Larry is the boss and should be able to put his foot up wherever and whenever he likes, even if it’s on a fancy, intricate sculpture in Antolini’s showroom. And, there he is on the left posing coolly with some raw, goliath marble slabs!

Future Italian Stone Slabs to Hit Showrooms

And, here is an exclusive sneak peak to some of the incredible stone slabs you can expect to see in our showrooms!

Thanks to Jeff and Larry’s keen eye, impeccable taste, and timely arrival, we are able to offer you the creme de la creme of Italian stone. So, come on by our slab warehouses (located in San Jose and Burlingame) to check out our premium European products and hear about Larry and Jeff ‘s crazy European adventure–straight from the source(s)!

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