Living in Northern California definitely has its perks especially when it comes to the weather. Year-round sun and cool climate make the Bay Area an ideal region for sunrooms! A sunroom is a room in the home that have multiple glass windows—oftentimes from floor to ceiling—and skylights, perfect for letting the outside, as well as endless natural light in. With this, and many more summers, coming up, you might consider including this addition into your California home, so we’ve gathered 4 sunroom inspirations to enlighten you on your future remodel.

1. Rustic Traditions

rustic traditional sunroom slate floors

Wooden frames, ceilings, and teak furniture provide the makings of a rustic space. This sunroom features stonewalls and slate flooring, which is ideal for outdoor use. Wrap-around glass windows allow for a breath-taking panoramic view of the rolling greens outside.

2. Cool Coastal Chic

coastal colors sunroom wooden porcelain tile

Sunrooms are perfect in water front homes. Who wouldn’t want a 360-degree view of the water? This lakefront sunroom utilizes soft, coastal hues, such as pastel white, blue, and turquoise, which create a tranquil atmosphere. The room is kept light using wooden floors, which can be substituted with durable porcelain tile that are made to mimic the look of wood, much like the ones we carry in our Bay Area tile showrooms from brands like Casa Dolce Casa, Pan American Ceramics, and many more!

3. Garden Living

shabby chic sunroom travertine floor

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Thumbelina and live amongst the flowers in the garden? Well, with this sunroom, wonder no more. This airy space is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows framed by craftsman-style molding that make it one with the well-manicured garden beyond. Teak furniture, slouchy linen slipcovers, wooden beams, and tumbled travertine floors (another ideal and fashionable option for exterior flooring) complete the shabby chic feel of the room.

4. Old Hollywood Meets Oriental Forest

old hollywood sunroom white marble floor

This space has absolutely nothing to hide being completely encased by glass walls and ceilings. Opulent furnishings, brass accents, and black and white marble checkered floors not only exude grandeur but also create somewhat of a neutral foreground for a vibrant background filled with bamboo trees and lush green bushes. If the designer’s goal was to take Old Hollywood and put it right in the heart of an Oriental forest, they’ve definitely succeeded.

If you want to sunbathe, read, or plain relax under the sun while in the comfort of your own home, build out one of your rooms or create a sunroom addition. It’s perfect for the beautiful California weather our home state is just so blessed with. For stone and porcelain flooring like the ones seen above, check out our stone tile selection in San Jose, Burlingame and Pleasanton showrooms.

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