Your New Tile Obsession: Cement Tile by Sabine Hill

Sabine Hill boasts modern and organic designs infused with the traditional process of creating cement tile. Each piece that Sabine Hill creates bears the seal of an artisans touch. With slight imperfections and irregular edges, these characteristics add to the tile’s natural appeal. Cement tile is suitable for wall and floor coverings for commercial and […]

Homemade Tile Ornaments: A Nifty Holiday Project In 12 Easy Steps

Go big or go home—that is the mantra for Christmas in the Bay Area. Extensive planning is required to ensure that the holidays go off without a hitch, from decorating to entertaining. The pressures that come with this sometimes leave us without a second to catch our breath or enough limbs to handle everything. However, […]

4 New Ravenna Tiles That’ll Bring Your Home Right [in]to the Ocean

With summer at its peak, many are flocking to the beaches to soak up the sun. Northern California residents are especially lucky to have such easy access to the cool blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, and even luckier still are those who wake up everyday to the sight of them. For those who wish […]

4 Areas to Improve in Your Bay Area Home that’ll Increase Its Value

Though the real estate market is slowly but surely on the rise, housing inventory remains low, with February 2013 being the lowest point in three years. Many homeowners are postponing selling in the hopes that the value of their home will increase. If you happen to fall in this category, ready to sell soon, or […]

4 Intricate Medallion Designs to Reward Your Home With

The complex designs of medallions are a product of patience, hard labor, and very sharp attention to detail by its makers. Every single piece is specifically cut, shaped, and precisely placed to perfection. They are commonly known to be made with marble but have evolved to include other types of stones and materials. Putting a […]

Lovable Tile Designs That’ll Steal Your Heart Away this Valentine’s Day

Our love for tile is set in stone all year round, but with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we couldn’t help but gather up some pieces that will surely get Cupid’s approval. Check out the following tile designs and become infatuated. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your tile soul mate! 1. Candy Coated […]

2013’s Top Colors, Courtesy of Pantone, Take the Form of Fine Tile in All Natural Stone’s Showrooms

  As another year rolls in, the rich colors of the previous season cycles out and gets replaced by a new gradient that dictates the direction of upcoming fashion trends. Pantone, the leading expert in color, has released what are forecasted to be the hottest hues of 2013. So, if you’re thinking of finally doing […]

5 Black and Orange Tiles to Get You in the Spirit of Halloween and to Celebrate the World Series Victory of Our Beloved San Francisco Giants!

Black and orange are in the air—everywhere—and why shouldn’t they be with Hollow’s Eve upon us and the San Francisco Giants once again bringing home the World Series title this year!!!! We would like to join in celebration and express our excitement by showing off some of our own black and orange tiles! 1. Pratt […]

4 Floral Tile Designs to Keep Your Space in Bloom All Year Long

Here at All Natural Stone, we see summer as a three-month-long party that goes out with a bang and an explosion of confetti—leaf confetti that is. Autumn brings picturesque sceneries of tree-lined streets covered in a breath-taking gradient of yellows, oranges, and reds. Though driving through this wonderland never gets old, the imminence of winter […]

4 Fall 2012 Fashion Color Trends That’ll Add a Vibrant Splash to Your Remodel

Every season, the fate of our next garment purchase—from the shirts on our backs to our skivvies down under—lies in the ingenuity of the world’s top fashion designers. Each pattern, shape, fabric, and especially color, are carefully considered and intricately applied to almost every item in our lives, including home decor and design elements, not […]