Monday – Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed


2504 Seaboard Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131
P (408) 544-9600
F (408) 544-9604

Complimentary design service by appointment only. Please give us a call to schedule a date during the week.
(No appointments will be accepted for Saturdays)

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San Jose Staff Directory

Sales Team
Tony Bettencourt – tony@allnaturalstone.com
Lauren Bochenek – lauren@allnaturalstone.com
Julio Cruz – julio@allnaturalstone.com
Jae Fielder – jae@allnaturalstone.com
Lucila Gil-Palacios – lucila@allnaturalstone.com
Jessica Macarena – jessica@allnaturalstone.com
Sal Palamino – sal@allnaturalstone.com
AJ Ramirez – aj@allnaturalstone.com
Adriana Salas – adriana@allnaturalstone.com

Administrative Team
Jackie Bartlett – Purchasing – jackie@allnaturalstone.com
Crissy Hernandez – Accounts Payable and Returns – crissy@allnaturalstone.com
Lena Hernandez – Accounts Receivable and Credit – lena@allnaturalstone.com
Janet Fox – Human Resources – janet@allnaturalstone.com
Lauro Roman – Inventory Control – lauro@allnaturalstone.com

Warehouse Team
Jorge Ramos – Warehouse Manager – jorge@allnaturalstone.com
Carmelo Camacho
Jose Castro
Eric Diaz
Raul Molina – raul@allnaturalstone.com
Armando Ramirez – armando@allnaturalstone.com
Jorge Vargas

Outside Sales Team
Dan Bartel – dan@allnaturalstone.com
Alex Cabrera – alex@allnaturalstone.com
Elvis Caraballo – elvis@allnaturalstone.com
Jeff Polonsky – jeffp@allnaturalstone.com
Rudy Ramirez – rudy@allnaturalstone.com

Jackie Bartlett – jackie@allnaturalstone.com

Strive Marketing – strive-marketing.com

Larry Perez
Jeff Bonomi
Juan Vasquez