You’ve now entered into the New Year and no doubt you’ve already got a list of self-improvement resolutions lined up. However, the road to achieving these goals starts not only with the self, but also with the home. Clutter in the home, clutters the mind and you’re going to need your full brain capacity in order to succeed in this type of endeavor.

To help you along the arduous process of organization, we’ve compiled some simple tips for you to follow in areas of your Bay Area house that need the most attention.

1. Kitchen


It’s safe to say that the kitchen is where you start and end the day with breakfast and dinner. It’s imperative to begin your morning or end your night with a relaxed and orderly mind. Some ways to organize your kitchen, include:

  • Grouping like-foods together in the pantry for easy access and inventory control.
  • Going green by re-using plastic/paper grocery bags or buying reusable bags and stashing them in a designated drawer or in a plastic bag container under the sink. Out of sight, out of mind, and environmentally friendly!
  • Purchase stackable Tupperware/plastic containers that you can place in a drawer. This way, you can save space and know exactly where to find your Tupperware, which makes packing your lunch that much faster and easier.

2. Bathroom


The bathroom can easily be one of the most cluttered ares in your home if you don’t manage it correctly. Make up, toiletries, and miscellaneous items somehow find a way to stack up and take over every open surface. To avoid this rapidly increasing population of products, consider doing the following:

  • Place items like hairspray, lotion, etc. in a tub/container that you can easily put away when not in use to maximize countertop space and make your bathroom look more spacious and serene.
  • Use drawer organizers for the smaller items in your bathroom, including make-up, jewelry, moisturizers, etc. You can use inexpensive silverware trays that can be found in any store’s kitchen department.
  • Lastly, force yourself to purge out old and unused items that accumulate over time, such as razors, sunscreen, perfume, lotion, etc. This will give you more space, less waste, and the rejuvenating buy kamagra in the usa sensation of letting go.

3. Home Office


You tend to be less productive in your home office when it’s disorganized and crowded. It’s easy to haphazardly pile papers on top of each other until they fill every surface of your office. If you want a clear head to think, this is definitely not the way to go. Instead, try the following:

  • Go paperless as much as you can. If you’re able to pay and receive bills and notices electronically, opt for it. It will lessen or completely eliminate unnecessary paper trail.
  • Go wireless. You can rid of all the unsightly tangled cords by switching to a laptop, wireless printer, and wireless mouse, if you haven’t already. Otherwise, hide wires with cord concealers that stick to the floor or wall.
  • Utilize bookshelves for books, binders, and even boxes that you can place miscellaneous items and files in. This keeps the mess out of the way and out of view.

4. Closet


Because your closet is more than likely kept behind closed doors, it’s easy to forget how unorganized and inefficiently its contents are laid out. Maximize the use of your wardrobe by implementing these simple steps:

  • Separate your clothes by season. Place in-season items in lower shelves or in the most accessible parts of your closet.
  • You might also consider putting your off-season or rarely used clothes in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, in order to save space and encourage you to maximize the utility of your other garments, which would otherwise go unused. You can place these garment bags under the bed or on the top shelf of your closet.
  • You may also categorize your clothes by purpose, such as work, casual, cold-hot weather, and formal. This will make putting your outfit together faster and less of a hassle. You can save time and look dashing all at once!


An organized house clears your mind, reduces stress, and gives you more focus to be able to tackle everyday challenges. Work these tips into your lifestyle and you’ll be ahead of the game in achieving your New Year’s resolutions. Which of these tips do you see yourself trying today?


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