As an interior design graduate (and a crafty little builder) our purchasing extraordinaire, Lynn, is always on the lookout for a new DIY project to tackle and happened upon Vertical order kamagra jelly online Gardens. Also known as Living Walls, it is a historical concept inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon dating back to 600 B.C.E. In present time, Vertical Gardens can be found both inside and/or outside homes and commercial buildings, ranging in size from a small bathroom wall decoration to a large two-plus-story exterior wall covering. Nevertheless, these installations are a great way to bring nature into your space and can even serve as a fun weekend project!

And if all this isn’t convincing enough, allow us to show you just how great of an addition it can be to your existing home design or your new remodel. The following are 4 different ideas to stimulate your green thumb and creativty. Note that some of the photos were assembled to communicate the design idea.

1. Perfect Porcelain

porcelanosa bathroom tiles

These Living Walls, placed in a quadratic arrangement, emphasizes the modern, clean lines and color palette of this modern bathroom. The combination of whites and greys in the Porcelanosa porcelain floors and mosaic tiled walls, make the greenery more prominent, while creating an open and soothing atmosphere.

2. Palatial Paraedon

Paraedon Travertine

Bring some vibrant colors in a spa-like retreat fit for royalty by installing a Vertical Garden with bright tropical flowers, as seen here in this palatial bathroom made of Paraedon Travertine.

3. Green Galleria

Solistone Metal "Stone" Tiles

Make a bold statement with a contemporary accent wall by placing a Vertical Garden on it, surrounded by modern grey metal stones, just like the ones by Solistone seen in the photograph. Showcase your new installation gallery-style by adding some track lighting above.

4. Pattern Play

Artistic Tile Exterior Wall

Living Walls are often found on the exterior part of a home because of the environmental benefits it has for plants (e.g. sun, rain, etc.) Since the Bay Area is blessed with such ideal weather, what reason would you have not to have a Vertical Garden right in your own backyard? Add a fun twist to your design by selecting tiles with patterns and exotic colors. Browse through our selection of outdoor tiles here to find one that suits your taste.

Ready to make your own Living Wall?

Live a little and get yourself a Living Wall, an innovative way to spruce up your humble abode. Get your weekend warrior face on and build your own! Just click here and follow these easy steps, courtesy of Refinery29.

If you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to see your finished product! Share pictures of your creation on our Facebook at!


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Artistic Tile


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