Our love for tile is set in stone all year round, but with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we couldn’t help but gather up some pieces that will surely get Cupid’s approval. Check out the following tile designs and become infatuated. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your tile soul mate!

1. Candy Coated

Mixed Up Mosaics Mini Mosaics San Jose

Gear up your sweet tooth for this Mixed Up Mosaics’ Mini Mosaic tile board. The tiny quadrants painted in various shades of sugary pink are reminiscent of the heart-shaped candies that consist of sweet nothings, once you might’ve even used in the past to declare your undying crush! Nevertheless, the haphazard arrangement of the mosaics gives this tile a fun, flirty flair!

2. “Heartfully” Yours

New Ravenna Hearts Marble San Jose

We’ve definitely got the googly eyes for this adorable New Ravenna Tile. The back splash’s design gives the classic marble stone a playful edge and a lot of heart—literally!

3. Crimson Crush

Red Tiles San Jose

No other color symbolizes the color of love quite like the color red. Its deep, rich hues make for a powerful and fiery sight, just as two lovers in a romantic embrace does. New Ravenna’s Aladdin Tile in the garnet color (left), which has made an appearance in our Fall Fashion Color Trends blog, boasts a flirty, romantic curvy pattern. The Malaga Cove Tile’s Rainbow Pisces Tile (top right) buy cheapest kamagra uk also showcases curvy lines but in darker, deeper shades of red. Lastly, Mixed Up Mosaics Bamboo Tile (bottom right) showcases a little bit more glamour and drama with its gold mirror inserts.

4. Beautiful Bouquet

Floral Tiles Nectarine San Jose

If you want to express your care and passion towards someone without saying a word, flowers will get the job done. Flowers are beautiful, sentimental, and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit all types of individuals. The tiles shown above feature an array of different kinds of vibrant floral prints but all have one this season’s favorite colors, nectarine (as mentioned in our recent Pantone blog). California Pottery (left) and New Ravenna Edie 1 (right) both boast contrasting colors that make the nectarine in the flowers pop, while Michelle Griffoul Studios’s tile features a cheery sunflower garden design that can brighten up your home! For more floral tiles at All Natural Stone, click here!

Love in the air, and we hope that at least one of these caught your eye and captured your heart. Visit our tile showrooms in San Jose, Burlingame, and Pleasanton on Valentine’s Day and our matchmakers, aka sales staff, are happy to introduce you to an array of other eligible tiles. Who knows? Love at first sight may just be in store for you.

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