Here at All Natural Stone, we pride ourselves on having the widest, most current variety of fine tile and stone slabs, which means that our showrooms are ever-changing and always under construction to accommodate new inventory. A series of renovations has taken over the floor, beginning with a new bathroom vignette from one of our esteemed vendors, AKDO. For your Bay Area bathroom/powder room remodel, let our new vignette give you some inspiration! Take a look at the process of completing this amazing new installation:

1. Backsplash goes up

AKDO tiles go up as backdrop

The skilled installers behind the construction studying the progress.

2. Moving onto the Side Walls

Sidewall Glass Tile Installation

With the backdrop complete, they move onto the sidewalls, installing best place to buy kamagra jelly online glass tiles.

3.  Hitting the ground running with the new floor

Bathroom floor tiles get installed

With the sides finished, the floors are underway!

4. Ready for Foot Traffic

Bathroom wall and floor tiles are complete

The project comes to a close as we wait to install top of the line hardware to complement this impeccable space.

5. The Final Product

After some blood, sweat, and tears (maybe minus the blood and tears), the new vignette is finally complete! Yet another immaculate addition to our eclectic showroom.

To get ideas for your next bathroom remodel, or perhaps just to marvel at the magnificent sight of this latest installation, come visit our nearby San Jose showroom! For directions, click here. You can also visit us in Burlingame or Pleasanton.

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