With summer at its peak, many are flocking to the beaches to soak up the sun. Northern California residents are especially lucky to have such easy access to the cool blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, and even luckier still are those who wake up everyday to the sight of them. For those who wish to have an ocean view or what may lie beneath those crashing waves, we’ve got a take-home solution for you that won’t require a hefty mortgage.

All Natural Stone gives the Bay Area access to a selection of coastal and marine-themed fine tiles from New Ravenna. The following designs will not only bring perpetual summers, as well as “seaside views,” it will also provide the illusion of being submerged beneath the ocean’s surface.

1. Eddies with Sea Creatures

New Ravenna Edie Creatures All Natural Stone Bay Area Tile

Use this quirky tile mosaic as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, and you’ll feel as if you’re living inside an aquarium! Crabs, seahorses, and seastars comprised of various colorful stones bring the ocean to life in your own home with New Ravenna’s Eddies with Sea Creatures!

2. Oceanius

Oceanius New Ravenna Crema Marfil Marble Travertine All Natural Stone San Jose

You’ll catch yourself carefully watching your step once you enter a bathroom featuring this life-like bathroom floor medallion. The seaweed or kelp design is portrayed quite realistically with the “blending” of colors from stones, such as Crema Marfil Marble, Renaissance Bronze, and Sylvia Gold.

3. Coral

New Ravenna Coral Glass Mosaic Tile All Natural Stone Burlingame

Dive into the most vibrant and colorful coral reefs in the world with New Ravenna’s Coral glass tile purchase kamagra uk mosaic. This fun, adorable, and modern backsplash is created with hand cut glass tiles made from Rosa Quartz and Agate, perfect for bathroom back splashes for all ages.

4. Float Fish

New Ravenna Float Fish Sardonyx Pearl Quartz Water Jet

Can’t get out to the lake or the open sea enough to catch yourself the freshest fish? Well, leave your boat in the garage, and come on down to one of All Natural Stone’s Bay Area locations where you won’t have to wait too long to catch something good! New Ravenna’s Float Fish practically hands the fish to you on a platter—well not quite—but they’ll surely be swimming on your kitchen back splash! These inhabitants of the sea (or potentially your kitchen!) are crafted through water jetting and hand cutting each piece of tile. And, they owe their lively colors to a variety of stones, including Pearl Quartz, Garnet, and Sardonyx.


We know most people don’t have the privilege to live so close to aquatic areas or are too busy stuck in their daily adult responsibilities to head down to the coast. Luckily, if you fall in the latter category, take the short drive (or is it dive?) to Burlingame, Pleasanton, or San Jose and visit one of All Natural Stone’s tile showrooms and we’ll ‘hook’ you onto some quality stone tiles that’ll turn your inland home into an ocean front escape. Our expert staff is here to help sail you to your dream tropical hideaway—nothing fishy about it!

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