These past 365 days have been full of surprises and changes—both good and bad—for everybody. But try not to trouble yourself with the happenings of 2012. As the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new,” and here at All Natural Stone, we’re starting 2013 with a brand spankin’ new selection of stone slabs in our San Jose and Burlingame warehouses. Here’s a sneak peek at the first batch:

1. Sierra Nevada


This majestic stone is a local gem straight from our own home state of California. It takes its name from the mountain, Sierra Nevada, the peaks of which this granite is found. Give your kitchen countertop a contemporary flair with these greys, tans, whites, and blacks.

2. Honey Onyx


Perhaps the mystical qualities of the Honey Onyx can be attributed to the fact that it is quarried underground. Onyx is the product of fusing quartz crystals through millions of years’ worth of heat and pressure. However, this delicate stone scratch easily and is therefore ideally used as bathroom/kitchen walls or on other low traffic surfaces. You might buy kamagra in bulk also want to consider using a backlight on the stone to get the gorgeous reflection off of the crystals.

3. Breccia Pernice


Many forget that marble comes in exotic hues in addition to the timeless white. Breccia Pernice, in particular, comes in a copper tone mixed with tans, creams and dark rust. This marble slab can easily make your shower pop and can even serve as a luxurious tabletop. However, sealing the surface regularly is advisable to extend the stone’s longevity.

4. Corteccia


Corteccia defies the common color standards of quartzite which consist of purely greys and whites. This specific slab boasts blues, browns, creams, and oranges in its veining, hues that make Corteccia an ideal choice for modern/minimal spaces.

You can bet that a lot more is in store for All Natural Stone and your fine tile and stone slab needs. This is just a taste of what you expect this year, and it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed. Don’t believe us? See for yourself by visiting our South Bay and Peninsula locations today!

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