On warm, sunny days like the ones we’ve been having and will continue to have in Northern California, it’s common to wish to be by the beach all day long while most of us go about our daily lives. Though some of us are fortunate enough to come home to a waterfront home, most of us have to wait until the weekend to make our way to the soft sands of the Pacific coast. However, what if we told you that you don’t necessarily need to be within a hundred feet of the ocean to live a in a coastal environment.

1. Keep a Light Palette

Light Interior Decor Beach House Burlingame

People flock to the beach for its relaxing warm sands and soothing sounds of the crashing waves. It is common to carry over that kind of tranquility inside a beach home–or any home for that matter–whose owners seek that vibe. Keeping the décor and furnishings mostly white and cream with touches of light blue and turquoise, mimics the sandy shores of a tropical island or even just our own Pacific coast, such as nearby Half Moon Bay for example.

2. Be Bold

colorful beach home decor northern california

Contrary to the previous statement, you can also go to the other extreme and be completely bold about your color palette. You’ll find the use of bright and mismatched colors in most beach communities. Those who reside by the shore live a laid back life that is still full of fun and quirkiness. Why not bring the same sense of liveliness in your home? Use vibrant, and sometimes contrasting hues, on prominent surfaces of your home in either the interior or exterior of it. However, if you aren’t quite the type to splash neon on your wall, you can still have some fun with color while being conservative by adding touches of it in the space where can i buy kamagra online with accessories throw pillows, etc.

3. All’s Well with Seashells

Sea shells beach home accessories

Making your home feel more like the beach doesn’t always mean it needs a complete make over. Sometimes you just want to be reminded of the warm, coastal breeze, especially during the cold winter months (which are thankfully finally behind us!) An easy remedy is to accessorize your house with beach themed ornaments, such as seashells, light colored glass bottles, pebbles and/or sand in a jar. And voila! You’re right back in your safe place by the sea.

4.  Go Nautical

nautical design waterfront home

Wanting a beach house away from the beach doesn’t necessarily call for turquoise blues. Why not try another blue? Navy blue is the quintessential color for nautical themed spaces, another design route to create the waterfront atmosphere in your home. White and navy blue furniture with piping or rope detailing, as well as rope and twine based accessories, and some sailboat figurines can make for the perfect lakeside escape even if you’re fifty miles inland in actuality.


With real estate hiking up the prices of properties everywhere, especially those who were right on the water, it’s nearly impossible to claim a piece of the Northern California coast. But utilizing the tips above can get you closer than you ever thought to living in one. And if adding a few accessories here and there doesn’t quite get you to the shore side escape you like, try adding beach home architectural features to transform your inland home. Glass tiles are an ideal choice for creating tropical and/or tranquil spaces, and we’ve got them in an array of colors and brands. Sail on by to our tile showrooms in Pleasanton, Burlingame, and/or San Jose to start transforming your house from a traditional in a cul-de-sac to a waterfront beach shack.

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