It was a bustling day on Divisadero as a large crowd lined up outside this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase house. Twenty-three of the most reputable designers in the Bay Area gathered to transform the rooms in a 1920’s Georgian mansion. All Natural Stone was proud to contribute to this charitable cause by providing Artistic Tile’s Elevation Thassos Marble tiles in addition to other marble slabs, for the master sitting room fireplace designed by Zoe Hsu of Z Dimensions Design. From conception to completion, Hsu left no detail behind in her masterpiece, complete with snakeskin wallpaper, bronze sculpture, and unique, one-of-a-kind chandelier. We were fortunate enough to sit down with the talented designer to pick her brain and share some good laughs. Here’s what we found out!

Zoe Hsu Z Dimensions Design SF Decorator Showcase Master Sitting RoomDesigner Zoe Hsu of Z Dimensions Design and her master sitting room masterpiece.

Q: How would you describe your signature interior design style?

A: I don’t think I have one specific style. I like many styles and consider myself versatile. And, being a designer, I’m adaptable to others’ personal styles and consider what the function of the room is going to be in every project.

Q: What gets your creative juices flowing?

A: The thing about me is I get distracted very easily, so almost anything around me catches my attention. But when I finally get fixated on one thing, it can inspire the whole design entirely. I can recall one time I had a piece of fabric I wasn’t very fond of and, without any specific reason, I just began to take apart its threads and realized that the colors it was comprised of were amazing. So, I decided to design the whole room just based on those colors.

SF Decorator Showcase Z Dimension Design Concept BoardAn exclusive peek at the the concept board for the master sitting room.

Q: What’s one décor item you feel everyone needs?

A: I think good seating is essential. You need some form of good seating to make yourself and/or your guests feel comfortable especially when you’re entertaining.

Q: How different was it to design for the Decorator Showcase versus designing for your clients?

A: It was very different because in this case I’m designing for myself. When I’m working with clients, I’m working with other people’s imaginations and requests, so there’s a set style already there, which paves the way to the direction of the whole design. However, since the Decorator Showcase is a personal project, the possibilities are endless. It can almost drive you insane with all the options out there, which makes editing difficult and requires more self-control.

All Natural Stone SF Decorator Showcase Tom Corbin SculptureThe sculpture on the left was created by Corbin Bronze

Q: When did you move to San Francisco and has your style changed since living here?

A: Well, I grew up in Taiwan and moved to Seattle in 1992. A year after that I moved to San Francisco for school and to finish college. When I was younger I was into traditional design. Then as I grew older, I went from transitional design to modern. And, now, I’m very buy kamagra eclectic. I like various pieces that are unique but not trendy.

Artistic Tile White Thassos Marble Mirror Detail SF Decorator ShowcaseFireplace detail (right) consists of Artistic Tile’s Elevations White Thassos Marble and a Graphite Grey Marble hearth

Q: Which design icons do you look up to?

A: The first two people who come to mind are John Salladino and Andrew Skurman. Even though traditional design isn’t my primary taste, Skurman’s architecture is classic and inspiring. A former boss of mine has also taught and inspired my design aesthetics. I watched him skillfully select and mix-match items over the years and work only with high quality products. And, it’s also because of him that I now incorporate antiques in the spaces I design.

Q: What was your inspiration for the design in this room?

A: The chandelier was definitely the main inspiration and focal point of the space. I found it in a store called Coup D’état at the Design Center before I entered the showcase and fell in love with it instantly. Since then I was looking for another project so that I could use this piece and, luckily, the showcase opportunity turned up soon after. I wanted to balance out the dark sharp lines of the chandelier with soft, feminine touches around the room, so I included the The Female Sculpture by Corbin Bronze and abstract pictures of women—all sourced within the Bay Area.

Coup D'etat SF Design Center Chandellier One-of-a-kind Chandelier from Coup D’état at the San Francisco Design Center

Q: What was the biggest challenge you ran into during this project?

A: Because the room is not a standard-sized room and is oddly shaped [long and narrow], it was quite difficult finding a rug that was suitable for the space.

Q: Why did you decide to work with All Natural Stone on this?

A: The Burlingame Chamber of Commerce introduced me to All Natural Stone Burlingame. Juan generously agreed to donate stones for the fireplace and Tony assisted me from there. Working with Juan and Tony made the whole process easy and smooth and I am so thankful and glad to have collaborated with them.

Fireplace Artistic Tile Elevations White Thassos Marble tiles Graphite Grey Marble slabThe fireplace on the right consists of Artistic Tile Elevations White Thassos Marble tiles, Graphite Grey Marble slab, and White Thassos Marble slab. The stone slabs were custom cut by Stoneman Fabrications.


The master sitting room turned out amazingly, with a fireplace facelift that made the original look pleasantly unrecognizable. Many walking through the master suite lingered in Hsu’s room, admiring the unique décor and taking advantage of the plush seating—signs that the design was a huge success. All Natural Stone had an equally fabulous time collaborating with Burlingame designer, Zoe Hsu, and look forward to future projects together. If you liked the stone and tiles used in this project, come to our tile and slab showrooms to check them out or fall in love with something else (because there’s a good chance you will!) They’re all conveniently located around the Bay Area in San Jose, Burlingame, and Pleasanton!

For more pictures of the show house, click here.

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