When you think back to your childhood, you realize how much curiosity, fantasy, and magic filled your time and imagination. Growing up—more likely than not—your parents have worn out their voices and the covers of every single fairytale book on your shelf in their efforts to send you off into a deep slumber. Perhaps, you’ve dreamt up your own encounter with such fantastical homes in the woods where elves and/or princesses resided. But, what you may not have known then is that the said mystical structures actually exist in real life!


Welcome to Storybook Lane also known as Carlos Avenue in the hillside community of Burlingame, California. A drive down this road will reveal five houses that are straight out of your childhood dreams. This architectural trend started in the 1920’s when fairytale films stirred an increase in movie attendance. It was the hope of some, mainly Pacific Studios, that Burlingame Hills would be the Northern California version of the Hollywood Hills. Unfortunately, this idea did not take but fortunately for us Northern Californians, we’ve got front row access to these incredible homes.

1.Hansel and Gretel 


In the olden days, you would need some breadcrumbs and a trusted companion to find your way in and out of the forest to seek out Hansel and Gretel’s buy kamagra pay with paypal house. However, in the 21st century, we’ve got Google Maps (and Apple Maps, for our fellow iPhone users) on our side to visit this attraction, though the experience would probably still be best enjoyed with some company.

2. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle


Snoozing is the last thing you’d want to do once you pull up on the driveway of this Sleeping Beauty-inspired home.

3. Rapunzel’s Tower?

The turret on this house may not be tall enough to hold a young princess captive but it doesn’t hurt to imagine witnessing firsthand Rapunzel throwing her long, golden locks out the window!

4. Dwarves’ Dwelling


Gaze upon this woodland-like cottage and you’ll find yourself waiting for either Snow White or the Seven Dwarves to walk out of the front door.


So, put down those reading glasses and instead of flipping through the yellowed pages of your antique storybooks, put the pedal to the metal and get yourself en route to Burlingame, California where your fairytale fantasies come to life! For more information on Storybook Homes in Burlingame, click here! And, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, visit All Natural Stone Burlingame, in case you’d like to make your home into a fairytale castle.


Photo(s) Credit: http://news.yahoo.com/storybook-homes-burlingame-california-173100147.html


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